Volunteering Opportunities

Other volunteers provide the following services in our neighborhood. For more information about any of the areas, please contact the listed member or contact David Willis, President of our Board of Directors


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Committee Interest Survey
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Committee Interest Form

Neighborhood Watch

Frank Brown, frank.brown915@charter.net

Architectural Review Board

Architectural Review Board Member Application

Pointe to Pointe - community newsletter

Opportunity Exists - Contact Mike Petty as above

Welcome Committee Work with Stephanie Shipman to visit new residents

Landscape committee

Linda Gray, 237-4053 (Chair)

Committee Members

               Becky Enochs, Winterberry                     Janet Salmon, Mariners

               Bill Cook, James Landing                        Eve Robinson, James Landing

               Nicki Gringer, Sunrise Bluff

Christmas Decorations committee

Bill Dolan, 1104 Gatling Pointe Parkway

Committee Members

               Tammy Burgett, Clipper Creek                 Julie Petty, Mariners

               Walter Ewell, James Landing                   Eve Robinson, James Landing

               Mike Grimsley, Mariners                         Steve Serafini, James Landing

               Andrea Hancock, James Landing             Rex Williams, Watch Harbor

               Earl McAdams, Mariners             


Scott Hamilton, 757-737-2508

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