This page is designed to provide information and news relative to Gatling Pointe and its residents. This page will be updated and topics added as items of interest are identified that have an impact on the community.

Tommy Wilson, a retired cabinet maker, is Gatling Pointe's mailbox provider. If you are in need of mailbox repair or replacement, please contact him directly at 651-9229. If he is unavailable, Ken Emmett, 778-5408, may also be contacted.

Mailbox Price Schedule
New Mailbox $225
Name Change $125
Blank Name $100
* Mailbox Repainting $65

* If you are refurbishing your mailbox yourself, provide the formula below to any paint supplier to achieve the correct mixture. Remember to use gloss black for the mailbox and white for the lettering on the post.

Pigment Ounces Shot (1/48 oz) Half-Shot 1/96 oz)
B (Black) 0 22 1
C (Yellow Oxide) 0 0 1

The adopted operation budget is updated each year and distributed in October / November (the most recent budget is dated 11/25/19). Our UPA representative has requested we not publish this document online. If you have misplaced yours or you are a new resident and never received a copy, contact the UPA management liaison, Conrad Staub at 757-484-2185 ext 413. Be sure to ask for both the budget and narrative that goes with the line item report.

Other volunteers provide the following services in our neighborhood. For more information about any of the areas, please contact the member listed or contact Michael Petty, President of our Board of Directors

Activity Contact
(click POC's name to send an email)
Neighborhood Watch Frank Brown Assists in maintaining communication between GPCA residents, Block Captains, and local law enforcement
Architectural Review Board Architectural Review Board Member Application
Pointe to Pointe - Community Newsletter Opportunities Exist

Michael Petty
Welcome Committee Stephanie Shipman Visit new GPCA residents and welcome them to the neighborhood
Landscape Committee Linda Gray (Chair)
Committee Members
Becky Enochs, Winterberry Janet Salmon, Mariners
Bill Cook, James Landing Eve Robinson, James Landing
Nicki Gringer, Sunrise Bluff
Christmas Decoration Committee Bill Dolan
1104 Gatling Pointe Parkway
Committee Members
Tammy Burgett, Clipper Creek Julie Petty, Mariners
Walter Ewell, James Landing Eve Robinson, James Landing
Mike Grimsley, Mariners Steve Serafini, James Landing
Andrea Hancock, James Landing Rex Williams, Watch Harbor
Earl McAdams, Mariners
Plans and coordinates decoration of the Gatling Pointe entrance during the holiday season
Webmaster Ross Tomlin Manages content of the GPCA Website