Noreaster of November, 2009

The Nor'easter started Veteran's Day, continuing thru Friday the 13th. Here are some photos submitted from the neighborhood.

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Photos from Sheila Hohmann, Dianne Keen, Susie Krause, Rich Bodson, Frank Brown


Tuesday evening, Nov 10 sunset

Friday morning, Nov 13 high tide

Thurs AM - Marsh to left of Driveway to Yacht Club

Thurs AM High Tide

Thurs - Around 8:30 am - 2 hours after high tide

Thurs AM - From the YC porch - sent to Wavy and WVEC

No parking in the lower lot

Thurs AM early High Tide

Thurs AM - cleaned up the Pagan

Thurs early High Tide

Thurs - mid morning

Water up by the end of Watch Harbor

Thurs Cedar Tree at the Keen's

right on the Pagan

Thurs afternoon - clean up

crew working with canoes

Thurs Low Tide, around 11:45 am ...

not much difference

Thurs afternoon

Swimming pool(s) - ours and the Marsh behind

Behind Joyce Williams' home Watch Harbor

The Pagan with whitecaps

Thurs afternoon

Thurs AM Pier Entrance

The Club opened, thanks to Calvin,

so folks checking things out could celebrate

Fri AM Parking Lot

Friday AM Parking Lot

Fri AM

Fri AM

Fri AM

Friday am from end of Commodore Lane

Thurs Crepe Myrtle - end of Commordore

Thurs - Noon End of Watch Harbor

Thurs - PM Gates Up on both sides of floating dock

Fri AM Parking Lot High Tide

Fri AM Entrance to YC Lot

Fri AM Parking Lot

Fri AM - Yard Work awaits

Fri AM Gazebo under water

Boat noticed by Keen family on Commodore - call for help

Boat continues past the Bondurant home

Heading toward Susie Krause's home

Comes to rest behind the Orlowski's

(Apparently came from Warwick River)

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