Holiday Decorating Party - December 6

The sun shined brightly (but it was still in the 30's) when members of the decorating team showed up

to decorate the entrance to Gatling Pointe. Thanks to all who helped to make a most welcoming entrance to the community.

      On behalf of the Gatling Pointe Board of Directors (North), and the Christmas Decorating Committee, I would like to send this letter of appreciation to all the wonderful people who were instrumental in helping make our neighborhood so beautifully decorated for the holidays.  Our front entrance looked great, the home decorating contest was a huge success and Santa Claus’ arrival via his magic golf cart along the parkway made all of our holiday efforts worthwhile.

       There are so many people to thank: Chief Stallings, Smithfield Fire Department, Glen Schlickenmeyer, Jiffy Lube, Janet Salmon, William E. Wood, for storage, Mike Grimsley for making tree stand boxes, volunteers who donated, cooked  & served food for the Decorating Committee at the entrance, and the judges who braved a blizzard to select winners for the holiday contest.  A job well done.

       As we begin the New Year, we will be looking for more willing volunteers and ideas to make our Community sponsored events bigger and better.  So, in closing, I would like to again thank everyone for making our neighborhood NUMBER ONE.  May each of you have a full and fun year in 2010. I know I am.

Bill Cook

Decorating Committee Chair


Rob & Stephen

Andrea, Eve and Payton

Andrea (on ladder), Travis, Eve & Payton

Fly fishing with lights

Santa's Helpers - Great Job!!!

Welcome to Gatling Pointe

Great job by the Decorating Committee

Even the sign got decorated

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Santa visiting with the neighborhood

Santa made multiple visits to Gatling Pointe


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